A lesson that I was reintroduced to recently was the idea that you never know what’s going on in someone's life, you may know their name but not their story.

This topic has come up not only here but multiple times throughout my week. I was driving down the road and smiled and waved to my neighbor but was responded to with a glare for no apparent reason, only to find out later that her husband had fallen mentally ill and had just committed suicide earlier that week. I made a judgement based on her response when honestly I would have probably done the same thing. Then a few weeks ago while I was at work I tried to introduce myself and be friendly to one of my co-workers but was responded to harshly and rudely. A week later I overheard a conversation that her home life was anything but good at the moment. In school I see others be mean and sour to other peers all the time just to see them later bullied in the hallways. Teachers will be unkind and unhelpful and then I’ll hear that their child is in the hospital.

All of these situations made me realize that much to often we jump to conclusions and make harsh judgments about people we barely know. It showed me that there is so much more to people than a bad day and we need to make note of that. In all of the above examples each individual had a very good reason for their actions and I believe that if only we step back and think about what could be going on with that person the world could be a much better place.

If everyone got to know a person before they judged them and knew their story and not just their name, the world could be a much happier and excepting place. Next time you’re in one of these situations I believe you should think of that, get to know the person, then make your judgment.

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