How Learning to Factorise Equations Benefits Students

Factorising is a method for solving equations which is useful for GCSE students, more advanced students, and even professionals. Factorising, as with many areas of algebra, can cause many students headaches. Learning how to expand brackets and factorise quadratics is an essential skill, and although students might complain that they will never need this information, what they don’t realise is that factorising is very important.
Learning how to factorise expressions will help prepare students for their GCSE maths exams. If students wish to study sciences after their GCSEs, they will need to know how to factorise. Using clearly presented maths worksheets will help familiarise students with the types of questions they will come across and enable them to feel confident when approaching factorising in GCSE maths or in their further studies.
Those who work in the science or technology industries will use their algebra knowledge and factorising skills every day. Within these industries, there are computer applications which solve equations and simplify expressions, but computer issues can occur, and in these cases staff will have to rely on the knowledge they learned in school. Students might not realise just how important factorising might be for them, so use engaging factorising worksheets to help them gain confidence using this method.

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