The Importance of Learning About Place Value

Place value helps a child distinguish between their £10 pocket money and the £100 toy they spotted in a shop. Understanding place value is a valuable skill for children to learn, and it is one which they will need throughout their education. It is a system by which we can understand what a number means, enabling us to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students who have only a basic grasp on place value often struggle to perform sums with multi digit numbers, which can knock their confidence in maths. Place value is one of the most fundamental elements of the maths curriculum; it is the foundation for learning about decimals, multiple digit multiplication, and standard form notation. Knowing how place value works reduces the likelihood of students making errors in maths questions, especially when they are dealing with larger numbers.

Learning about place value helps children understand how to name numbers. Although cheques are less common now, on a cheque it is necessary to write out the full name for a number to ensure that the correct amount of money is paid, and it is knowledge of place value which will enable someone to do this. Place value worksheets provide a way for children to practice using digits and words to represent numbers, and master this important skill which they will use for life.

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