The Real Life Applications of Algebra

Many students think of algebra as an abstract concept which has no use in real life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Knowledge of algebra enables students to solve complex problems in maths, science and many more disciplines. Algebra is useful in a wide range of maths problems, from solving equations, to linear functions and trigonometry, so it is important to ensure that students fully understand the basics by using engaging algebra worksheets. Having a solid knowledge of algebra will help prepare students for their exams, as well as a potential career in science and technology.

Use of Algebra in the Workplace

In fields as diverse as medicine, finance and computer programming, algebra will be used daily. Algebraic formulae can be used represent two or more variables which are proportionate to each other, and so using algebra can help medical professionals work out what dose of medication to give a patient. Exchange rates and interest rates can be represented algebraically, and those working in finance will use these formulae daily. Many programming languages are based on algebraic formulae, so computer programmers often use the algebra knowledge they learned in school. Learning algebra might seem daunting to students, but with the help of quality maths worksheets, they will gain confidence in no time.

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