Chicago Bears Draft Recap

It was a great draft for Ryan Pace and the Bears front office. They managed to scout and find players other teams weren’t considering and scoop them up before anyone noticed. Here’s the rundown:

Mitch Trubisky QB • PROS He’s only started 12 games at the college level, so opposing teams don’t have much tape to go on. This should be big when he makes his first start in a couple years. Only had to trade 3 picks to move up one spot to take him. Even if no one else was going to draft Trubisky at two, the Bears could have given up 4 or 5 picks, so consider this a win. He’s Polish. If Trubisky pans out like Ryan Pace thinks, you’ll be driving through Portillos and ordering a Trubisky sausage with extra peppers.

  • CONS Trubisky needs to buckle down and focus on football instead of his first love of kissing titties.

Adam Shaheen TE • PROS — Played college ball at Division II school Ashland. Alabama and Ohio State send many defensive players to the National Footbal League who have NEVER lined up against Shaheen. Should be able to juke and fake them out, as no one’s ever seen him play, he’s a great athlete. As a 6-foot-6 incher should improve quality of Bears intramural basketball games.

  • CONS Not sure if he can jump out of a swimming pool.

Eddie Jackson S • PROS — Only played in 8 games at Alabama last year before breaking his leg, so he should be fresh for the fall.

  • CONS — Hard to find one. He suffered enough injuries at Alabama he’ll probably never get hurt again.

Tarik Cohen RB • PROS — Cohen is only 5-foot-6, which should help him avoid getting tackled by opponents because there is less of him. This is good analytics by Pace and Co., it’s good to see them putting the numbers to work for the Bears.

  • CONS — His nickname is “The Human Joystick”. He’ll need to put down the video games and focus on football.

Jordan Morgan LT • PROS — Morgan played LT in college but is expected to slot in as a guard. This is a smart pick because it continues the Bears tradition of drafting college tackles who play guard in the NFL. You can’t have to much diverse knowledge at what is considered footballs “Thinking Man” positions, the offensive line. Played in Division II, so he didn’t take as much of a beating as he would have at Division I playing against stronger, faster, more talented players.

  • CONS — Studied nutrition in college. Has to focus on Football, not watching Chopped reruns.

In summation, Ryan Pace has again proven that he can find players in places no one else looks, and draft them in positions no one else would. It is Pace’s brand of cajones and leadership that will no doubt lead the Bears to the promised land. My friends, the future of the Bears is surely brighter than the giardinera at Al’s Beef.