The Final Count[700 miles]down

July 28… the beginning of the end:(

Can you believe it’s almost that time!! I have one more night in a place that’s not my own house… I have a feeling tomorrow will be the longest drive I make for a long time…

We began today in Lincoln Park at the Chicago History Museum. We saw the history of transportation, retail developement and fashion, immigration, the World’s Fair, and protests through the ages. It reaffirmed my interest in museums and learning (wow that sounds so annoying). We also went on a guided tour for part of our time there. Usually I don’t go to these, but this one was really enjoyable- reminds you that those giving the tour reallyy know what they’re talking about. And now I know about the Chicago flag and how the Fire of 1871 started.

The Crossroads of America exhibit, including an authentic steam engine trail taken from the railyard
An interactive exhibit where I could recreate my own dress! (it was not pretty); women’s fashion by Mainbocher

Following the museum we drove through Old Town (not as exciting as I was hoping although they were building some new developments) and then headed over to the Polish neighborhood. It is less Polish dense than it was about 20 years ago, but we did find a great Polish all-you-can-eat buffet that will surely make my dad’s family jealous.

Thaddeus and his “namesake”; the Red Apple restauant spread (yum!)

So now Thaddeus is on his way back to Philly and my mother and I are getting ready for bed. Tomorrow will be a big trip full of miles for us. It’s 702 miles, to be exact. I’m excited to see what my grand total of miles will be for the whole trip once I pull into the driveway. Mom and I are leaving at the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow so hopefully we will be able to make it home before dark.

This time tomorrow I will be (hopefully) snuggled into my own bed. Realistically, I’ll be taking a shower and finishing up unloading my car. And then I’ll be starting to make a final reflection post to wrap up this trip! But first, some answers to some recent questions:

What are two places or activities you want to do again? 100% Grand Canyon. I loved it. I would want to go all the way into the canyon/just explore the area around it more. Second might be Crater Lake. Again, I would just want to spend more time there. That would also be a great place to take my family (hint, hint). In actuality I would like to go back everywhere on this trip, but if I only get two responses I choose those. But also, ask me again tomorrow and the answer might be different…

New food favorite? The opposite of this question might be that my new not-favorite food is PB&J. One thing I enjoyed that is not new but I loved getting fresh fruit from the different farmer’s markets. I also had some really good BBQ in STL. I’ll probably keep editing this post as I think of good foods.

Favorite bed? It might have to be my airbnb in Flagstaff. Maybe it was the fluffiness, maybe it was the day preceeding, maybe it’s Maybelline…

That’s all for now, folks. Talk to you next time from Virginia!!