Here in the UK yesterday there was massive support for the Women’s March in Washington, in London and other cities, with smaller pockets of action in outlying regions. I was part of a small but heartfelt group in Plymouth, consisting of only about 10 people, but meaningful and eliciting toots and calls of support as we paraded along the clifftop road to the highest part of the city, looking over the Atlantic.

I am attaching a blog I wrote this morning, moved as I was by yesterday’s amazing global uprising of feminine power. I hope it might be useful for the website, as an overview of what happened, and is happening, and can happen, in the UK and across the world,

​My eldest daughter, Chloe, was part of the London march and kept me informed with texts and photos (she’s the one in the Suffragette top carrying the placard). I’m attaching some photos from London and from Plymouth. Sadly I couldn’t print a Charter W&G poster, but next time!

Here are a couple of links about marches that took place across the UK (longer list in this one)

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