32 Indie Publishing and Marketing Resources

Since deciding to independently publish in July, I’ve immersed myself in books, articles, podcasts and courses to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Tapping into my marketing experience and branching out into a brave new world, I’ve curated hundreds of resources into a starting-point for myself in order to build a launch plan. The following represents resources I’ve either used or plan to consider based on various sources. In order to make this list a resource must have had multiple recommendations.

People to Follow

  • Ricci Wolman, CEO of Written Word Media, was a guest on SPF podcast. I’ve bookmarked their services and plan to dig in further when it comes time to promote.
  • You should follow Pat Flynn (Author, Podcaster, Blogger) on Twitter. Trust me on this one.
  • I listened to an interview with Dave Cheesman from Kindlepreneur and basically, he’s brilliant. Read his resources, follow (stalk) him if you’re an indie author.

Writing Aides

Learn on the Go (Podcasts!)

Every day I choose a new episode from one of the following podcasts. Not sure where to start? SPF is newer and therefore less daunting. And it happens to be 100% awesome.

Book Marketing

Plugins & Social Media

  • Install Yoast Comment Hacks to re-direct commenters to your page to the newsletter signup.
  • I study hashtags like I’m preparing for a test on them. Recently I foundHashtagify.me to pull relevant hashtags related to the ones I already use.
  • Find out when the best times to post on your various social channels using Buffer’s Optimal Scheduling Tool
  • My Book Table, Mooberry and are WordPress plugin to showcase your books and Author Marketing App does the same on Facebook.Booklaunch by Author Marketing Club is a similar service. I haven’t used this yet but have them bookmarked for future possible use.
  • Place.it image mock-ups. I’m using one on the homepage of this site. (Historical Times)

Book Formatting

Other Articles & Resources

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