Daily Inspiration for Aspiring Authors

Zig Ziglar said:

Some people say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily.

Before the iPhone, I struggled to find ways to ensure continual motivattion and even started a a cosmetics company to put inspirational quotes on lipgloss. But I’ve never relied more ​on inspirational quotes than during my journey as a writer.

Since finishing my first manuscript, I’ve learned how to write a query letter and synopsis. I’ve taken workshops on self-editing and used those strategies to edit, re-edit and edit once again. Taking part in two Twitter pitch parties — #pitmad and #pitchmas — I perfected 140 character pitches of my story.

I’ve felt confidence from beta reader feedback, demoralized after reading judges’ comments from a contest. I received my first rejection and have gone back to the drawing board to research additional agents. Currently in the midst of taking a pitching break to participate in another RWA workshop, my impatience to forge head is sometimes debilitating.

One of the RWA15 keynotes likened the writing journey to a roller coaster, and there’s no doubt I’m buckled up a wild ride. Sufficient quotes are easy to come by these days, a good thing for an aspiring authors for times when the coaster dips and despair sets in.

Lean on wisdom of others who have failed and persevered.
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