One tiptoe changed the trajectory of my life

I’m obsessed with quotes. Always have been, always will be. They’re on my desk, my phone — I even started a cosmetics company once to put them on lipgloss.

Having started a manuscript over 15 years ago — a teaching career, two kids, starting a small business — the list of reasons my WIP sat on a shelf for so long are many.

So when I decided to 2015 was “the year to finally finish” the task ahead felt insurmountable. Not to make excuses, but I was already using 10 minutes at the bus stop to run an influencer marketing business. Saturday mornings before the family awoke were spent analyzing social media platforms and pitching potential conference sponsors.

To say I was short on time would be an incredible understatement.

How to squeeze in a whole new world with it’s own language, social norms and audience?

  • January, re-join a professional organization.
  • February, dust off old (pre-internet) research.
  • March, start writing.
  • April, register for a national conference.

Fast forward to September, I finished manuscript. A goal met. Barely even a tiptoe to start, I took the step and only regret that it took so long.

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Cecelia Mecca, PhD is a curriculum specialist focusing on ELA initiatives and a small business owner. iConnect: Influencer Marketing connects a network of 3K bloggers with top brands both virtually and in-person at iConnect: A Conference for Influencers in New Orleans. She is currently querying her first manuscript, Border Reiver, a 13th century historical romance set along the Anglo-Scottish border and can be reached at Cecelia Mecca or on Twitter

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