Live Writing and Querying Tips from Pocono Writers Conference

While it’s difficult to do justice to live workshops, information from literary agent Veronica Park and author Jon McGorans’ sessions at Pocono Writers Conference are too good not to share.

I learned to consider Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs when considering a character arc. The morning session convinced me to go back and be sure my manuacript’s exposition is necessary since it “kills narrative and point of view.”

Other Tips

  • Get a Publisher’s Marketplace account
  • Include two comparable authors in your query & be succinct and clear
  • Include social media links in your query
  • Read books like Rock Your Revisions by Cathy Yardly for self-editing tips
  • Remember, readers want a lot of information, they don’t want to be told a lot of information

Final Thoughts

Make characters relatable and special with deeply personal goals and dreams…they just be the best person for the job. ~Veronica Park
Keep cut file. You don’t have to kill your darlings, you just have to lock them I your basement. ~ Jon McGoran
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