We want everyone to feel safe, respected, equal, included, and valued.

As a person who is in the marginalized LGBT community and lives in the southeastern US, I wish I knew the answer too. The people down here can be so warm hearted and kind, until they know you’re “one of them”. Then you’re a pariah. I’m in my 50s now and exhausted. I’ve held out an olive branch my whole life, yet I’m still “other” and seem to disgust the typical rural southerner. (I just listened to a psychologist in a podcast describe how the emotional basis for authoritarianism is disgust, not fear. ) I can only advise that we keep on being visible, kind, and open to any signs of acceptance. Yes, we may be considered the “one off, good one”, but maybe over many more years, future generations will have it better. That’s already the case for me compared to the previous LGBT generation.

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