How I bought Éthereums and Bitcoin in a brick&mortar store

«The House of Bitcoin» is a store in the center of Paris where you can buy cryptocurrencies. As soon as I said that I wanted to buy Ethereums and a little bit of a bitcoin, a sales rep invited me to have a sit. He answered my questions in a very professionnal way. I decided to buy their cryptocurrency hardware wallet named «Ledger nano S», which is supposed to be much more secure than an online wallet. After configurating my wallet (my command line knowledge really helped !) I gave the staff my Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses through a self-generated QR code. Addresses are long suites of digits and letters. They look like a never-finishing Wifi password.

Then, the staff gave me a receipt and for my information, the websites where I could see my transactions on the blockchain. I love this high level of transparency!

Now I hope I’ll tell this story to my grandchildren and that they’ll understand the words «Ethereum» and «Bitcoin». Not because they’d have seen them in their History e-books, but because they’d be in their daily life. Maybe it’ll mean my visit to the Paris «House of Bitcoin» was my best idea of year 2017, from an ROI standpoint!