Week #1 @ Simplon!

As a student @ Simplon, I will be learning Full Stack JavaScript Web Development in the next 7 months. We are a group of 27 students from all backgrounds, with the strong desire to become talented web developers. Our program is intensive, will develop our technical skills as well as many soft skills, thanks to team projects, peer programming and presentations. Simplon is supported by top French organizations and the French government.

During this first week, I discovered the following topics :

  • The Internet’s origin: the American army, UCLA researchers (ARPAnet),…
  • Languages’ history: Grace Hopper from the Navy, who invented the first compiler! Fortran and Cobol in the 50’s; C language in the 70’s; Javascript, Java, PHP (1995), etc.
  • The Command Line through the CmdChallenge andthe Bandit exercise until level 12
  • TDD with exercices in Javascript
  • Git
  • React, thanks to a 5-minute oral goup presentation we made. React is a Javascript library created by Facebook with a virtual DOM for single-page websites’ updates (like Instagram)

This first week was excellent. I can’t wait to start the second week of class!