Talking to Yourself — Be Better, Do Better


  • Talking to yourself via motivational self-talk gives you a sense of separation that allows you to put emotions aside and push through any obstacle objectively and with less anxiety. Do this by speaking out loud in 2nd or 3rd person.
  • Talking to yourself via instructional self-talk makes you more efficient. You’ll be less distracted, faster, and more accurate. Do this when you’re engaging in something that requires steps — i.e. exercise sequences, math problems, or hooking up your DVD player.
  • Say YOLO and actually try this! Even in the world of no eye contact or interaction, good ol’ verbal expression goes a long way!


If you wanna be better, practice motivational self-talk — this entails doing the following:

  • Talking out loud in the 3rd person, this will give you a more objective and distant perspective and is thus very useful. [Think about how you’re good at giving your loved ones advice just because you’re not emotionally attached.]

You’ll have reduced anxiety and inevitably perform better across the board.

If you wanna do better, practice instructional self-talk — think about it like this:

  • In a nutshell, this means talking yourself through something that requires focus and methodology. Some good examples would be doing a math problem, planning your week, or, my favorite, any workout — i.e. yoga, pilates, spin (I can just imagine the instructors showing and saying the sequence).

The benefit of instructional self-talk is not getting distracted as easily and, get this, being more efficient — i.e. faster and more accurate.

As AWKWARD as this may sound, life’s too short to waste time, so swallow that embarrassment and give self-talk a shot.