What I’ll Remember About College

As I wrap-up my time as an undergrad and begin to reflect on ‘what it all meant’, the personal achievements are what jump out at me.

Not the grades, not the parties, not all the times I’ve failed — but, for example, the ability to pick myself up and take action.

I think the reason that this stands out to me is because it gives me confirmation that I have complete control over my life.

For instance, consciously deciding to go to career fairs, to go to office hours, to go on runs, to make small talk, to attend interest meetings and so many more are times where I have exercised what I believe to be the most significant skill anyone can have.

Taking control.

I think about how just knowing that you have complete control leads to making the conscious decision to plan for something that then inevitably leads to taking action.

Taking action is without a doubt the scariest part of the process — but it’s always the most crucial.

And guess what?, The worst that can happen — a no, an embarrassing moment, losing an hour of time — isn’t everything.

In reality, there is so much more to be gained from doing what scares you. The tricky part is just convincing yourself to do it.

You have to take control and act.

So college, thanks for teaching me that I’m in control of my destiny. I’ll forever be grateful for this because it reminds me that I’m gonna be alright.

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