I’ll never be a star

I am brain damaged. Or Injured as the correct term is now given. I have an arachnoid cyst, http://acyst.org. I’ve scared away so many people that I’ve had to quit helping people. I’ve heard so many scary stories.

A prince closed a hospital so his stewardess wouldn’t take the day off. She had blood coming out of her ears. I don’t think he let her go.

Babies hitting their heads on the floor.

Parents taking their children to ONE doctor and they tell them “It’s OK. Arachnoid Cysts don’t cause any problems.”

A boy going to school in a straight jacket because he almost stole a bus. His mother didn’t own ANYTHING nice because he destroyed EVERYTHING. Beat his siblings up. Had a 3 year old trying to go down on him. Thank God (didn’t take the God from Goddess) he was caught before it happened.

A three year old that told his mother “I want to kill myself” a pervading feeling having an arachnoid cyst feels like. When I cried until I could cry no more the next week it was the mother of a 4 year old.

So I’ve gone a little coo coo.

I’m a stark, raving lunatic with incurable brain damage.




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