Brand Identity at Code Conference 2017

Behind the design system of this year’s conference

This year was my first on-site visit to Code Conference— the annual invitation-only Code Conference brings together a global community of the biggest names in the business, executive leaders and startups with bright futures for networking and in-depth conversations about the current and future impact of digital technology.

Our task this year was to create a strong foundation to build out design systems that support a bolder direction with a focus on communicating a colliding of intellect, ideals and personalities focused on the future.

Code is the first of three conferences our team will be designing for our Recode brand. The hard truth about branding: Brands are not built overnight. After weeks of preparation and planning we teamed with the conference marketing team and executed on the brand promise and design system for the conference.

Brand Promise

Influence meets Innovation 

2017 Code Conference simplified design system


There are moments during the conference that allow for our brands to connect with our audience in attendance. These moments also allow us to create a deeper connection with Vox Media. Code Conference is an amazing example of a premium experience. You can feel the difference in the attention to detail, service and overall sense of luxury.

Before the conference

Event Website, registration/sign-Up, confirmation email, email reminders


Credentials, signage, collateral, Gifts, swag

Getting Better: Connecting the dots

Where we can improve: finding more moments to explain brand relationships to our audiences.

Sometimes you have to spell it out. Some in attendance who were unaware of Vox Media, Recode and their relationships to one another. It’s more than placing logos. We can do a better job of using touch points to educate people ‘What makes Vox Media different’ by defining what the brands stand for at all of our events.

The next Recode events:

Code Commerce 2017 September 13–14, 2017
Recode’s Jason Del Rey and Kara Swisher will explore the latest commerce trends at Code Commerce on September 13 and 14. Hear from leaders in retail, consumer packaged goods and the tech and payments industries during two days of unscripted interviews and on-location visits to hot New York companies.

Code Media 2018 February 12–13, 2018
Code Media 2018 conference convenes executives from legacy, digital media and technology to discuss content, distribution and monetization.