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Why I‘m Keeping Politics out of Schooold

This needed to be said, unfortunately.

As I have dug into the partial minefield known as our education system to rally support for Schooold, I have discovered a very depressing fact.

Your kids don't matter.

Pride matters.

Power matters.

Being right matters.

Pensions matter.

Antiquated ideas matter.

Red lines and maps really matter…

and intimidation is king.

What do all of these things have in common? Politics. I don't care if you’re Red or Blue, you are kind of destroying your children’s future equally.

We are here to help children of all races and backgrounds in 9th-12th grade become financial literary scholars. It’s about them. Not you. And it is certainly not being created to score a victory for any political party.

I’m here to protect the 46M+ high school kids from the very system that is allegedly their best shot at a great future.

I can’t be intimidated, bullied, or bribed (-cough-lowballed-cough-) to change the goals of my company to fit your circa 1972 strategies. I know how to count and spell. Imagine that.

There is absolutely nothing you can take away
from someone who has been at the bottom his entire life.

People need help. Not more irony.

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