My iPad broke

About two years ago I decided to get an iPad. Since then I am a student and get a lot of PDF and papers in digital format. I could print them all and get messy in tons of paper and break my bones by carrying dozen kilos of books on my shoulders but no, that’s not what I like.

Back then the new iPad just came out. It was the first one with Retina display and the only choice for a tablet that costs around 500 bucks, feels solid, has at least a full HD display and takes a normal student day without depending on all the fought power points. As a student you don’t go into an Apple Store and buy an iPad for 479€ and the ~50€ Smart Cover. These 50€ extra will take all of your mental power, because for 50€ you get about 15 days food in canteen.

The Type Cover was a tiny new Apple revolution. Just clip it on your iPad and put it down on the screen. Your iPad will standby automatically and if you lift the cover your iPad wakes up. It’s that smart but to build such a thing you need magnets. Lots of you may know that you should keep your credit card away from magnets, like your smartphones and — just every of your digital stuff. But Apple seems to know better!

It all was perfect for two years. After I’ve owned my iPad for 776 days (two years and 1.5 month) the magic began.

Some glue of the display jag seems not that strong and due the long time my Smart Cover was plugged on my iPad it just pulled out the display jag.
I have never tooked my iPad out into bare sun or had a trip to Alaska so all climate changes were about 10°C.

After I’ve been a lot confusing about the snowy screen on an iPad (if it was a MS Surface, it would be ok *g*) I went to my local Apple retailer. In fact my warrenty was over for nearly one month we tried to get Apple replace my broken iPad on a goodwill basis — at least this damage was done by an official Apple equipment for 50€ and not that cheapy fakes you get on Amazon.

1 week later my retailer called me and told me we were out of luck. Apple did not replaced my iPad without reason.

Apple, why are you so mad? :-(

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