Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Hi y’all. I spent $1065 at my annual eye doctor appointment yesterday and want to die a little (getting back a $200 rebate on the contacts at least). Anyway. This is my last weekend home before going to France for vacation!!!!!

Tonight, I’m going to a BYOB karaoke place for a friend’s birthday. I have plenty of booze in my apartment leftover from my own birthday party, so I’ll bring some. Not sure how much the karaoke room rental is but I’ll just say $20 here.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to a spin class which is FREE because my workout studio had to close for awhile and is having their grand re-opening this weekend (already reserved). Then, a college friend and her husband are in town from Denver so we’re going to get lunch ($25). I have second date plans at night. I’ll say $40 b/c he paid last time and I want to step up.

Sunday, I have no definite plans but will likely spend on last-minute trip things (a few makeup items, a pair of shorts) and groceries to last me til Friday. Let’s say $100.

Total: $185

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