Monday Check-in!
Meghan Nesmith

I did a big Target trip on Friday after work as planned and spent $80.47. After that, my roommate-friend and I had a lovely night in which involved homemade nachos, margaritas, Gilmore Girls, and assembling a lamp from Target that turned out to be crooked! We’re keeping it though because we’re lazy and it makes us laugh.

Saturday, I got breakfast from my favorite coffee shop ($8). Then I did my taxes (ugh), organized my room a bit, and went for a run. A friend of ours came over Saturday night before he and my roommate-friend went to a concert. I partook in burgers with them ($10). Then I went out with some other friends and spent $0 somehow but got very drunk.

Which leads me to Sunday which was a weird day of never-ending hangover. :( I ordered takeout for lunch AND dinner like the mess I was. $31.

I estimated $145 and spend $129.47. (Not counting the $600 I owe in taxes HAHA).

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