How to Deal: Working and Schooling…and Living

In year 2014 when I had signed up for a Master’s degree program, I was very sure it was the best thing that had happened to me. Why? Right? 
 Well, I had thought so because graduating school since 2010 and having no serious accomplishment to my name was a very difficult thing to explain to anyone (myself inclusively), even though I had a good job that brought me interesting learning and traveling opportunities.

At that time obtaining a higher degree was (and still is) an awesome accomplishment for me. I even had a wonderful deal in addition to getting a degree- the school was offering a post of part time Assistant Lecturer to the best 2 students from each Department. Yes! I was aiming for that. I knew I could make it.

So, it started really smoothly but the challenge was having to self-learn and cover voluminous books after books. Honestly, that wouldn’t have been a big deal. But try combining that with a job that almost constantly requires your attention 70% on a site location, and barely 30% at your desk. This was extremely challenging for me, and I could feel my stress level heighten, and this continued for months.

What I had failed to realise was that I could have broken off from my “Solo — Miss Independent” mode and gotten in touch with my virtual course mates to discuss with them progressive ways to study together for examinations, and pass on important information. It didn’t happen! My results from the first semester examination were good but not enough to make Assistant Lecturer deal.

In my realization, I started to mix up and….. oh boy, who knew how helpful interactivity with a bunch of strangers could be! It took off so much stress- there were no more ;forgetting deadlines, self studying, time mis-management, you name it. The meetings and weekend class sessions, and note summary exchange helped. To my surprise, I had all As in the following semester- no joke! Ok. Except for my dissertation for which I haven’t yet gotten a result for.

Interactivity, Time Management, and Focused Mindset are some of the necessary skills required for one to be of significance to a community. I know this not only from my narration but also from other experiences. I have learnt to; be more receptive towards networking, better manage relationships and time, work my way around dealing with stress (and surviving stressful environments), and handling disappointments: because that deal of being appointed Assistant Lecturer never came. It was cancelled. I would have probably made it. Or not! I really do not know. There were a lot of brilliant folks in my class.

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