My Experience so far in the Andela Bootcamp: Day 3

The Learning Clinic continues. We are given more exercises and expected to submit and email solutions within stated time frame- for which I have had struggles keeping up to.

The exercises entailed coding and software development -to test and improve skills in logical thinking and JavaScript writing- and constructive writing to improve writing and communication skills- which is the reason these posts on “my experience with Andela Bootcamp” are being written.

This whole process and daily tasks have been challenging — just like I mentioned already on my previous post of DAYS1&2- and they’re not getting any less difficult. I enjoy that I am being exposed to the world of software development, and being groomed but on the other hand, I am afraid that the expected tasks outcome are beyond my present knowledge. Thus, I will require more hours than given to reach expectations.

Howbeit, I have resolved to trying my best. Right now (as I have learned), beating deadlines matter not, but ultimately demonstrating capabilities at described values and potentiality.

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