My Experience so far in the Andela Bootcamp: Day 4

“ Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”- R.F. Kennedy

It is another day of Bootcamp: home based learning clinic. There is not much to share except that I woke up this morning feeling more positive and eager then before. Like every other day, today’s tasks were equally challenging. However, like every other day too, there are new things to be learnt from each task.

From my Feedback Assessment/ Score-sheet which I received today, I am lagging behind in collaboration which I am very much aware of. Interaction over social hubs is one thing I have to learn and partake in, here.

I got the invitation to the next session of Self Learning Clinic holding tomorrow- October 20th, 2016 at the Andela site. Apparently, a lot of collaboration will be needed as we would be made to build software products collaboratively. Tomorrow also marks the last day of Bootcamp Session 1. This means there will be another selection process to determine those who make it to the next phase of bootcamp.

How do I feel at this point? No need describing feelings. Let’s just say “I am ready to take up the challenge of the that next phase”.

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