How Pursuing a Quest Can Bring Purpose to Your Life
Susan Cain

Thank you for sharing your story! While you talk about travel and adventure quests, I have been on one that has given my life purpose and meaning beyond anything I thought could be possible. I created this graphic in May, but didn’t end up using it because I was in the middle of a huge shift that I believe was necessary for me to pursue my quest.

It’s quite a handful for a fellow introvert. I am a feminist and I have been experiencing phenomenal events for years. Many of the events are unusual in the fact that I don’t know anything is occurring until I become aware that there is a story. I have been studying and writing, trying to understand the meaning of the experiences, and I have content I feel is of significant value to the conversation about God in a yet-to-be-published memoir and an e-book that will be available soon.

I hope you will consider checking out some of my blog posts at, and I hope someday I will be able to attend your summit! It sounds like an awesome event!

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