London Reflections

The story began one year ago to the day. I left my family (for the umpteenth time) and headed out to my company’s satellite office in London. At the time I was on heavy pain killers from my recent dental surgery, which I rushed to get done in The States due to the reputation of UK dentistry. Honestly the effect they were having on my ability to truly process things was likely the advantage I needed — sitting in an awkwardly large, old hotel room, which smelled of cigarettes and sewage, located in the middle of one of the loudest sections of the city, where the only person I knew was the nice concierge (who had told me his name, but I had already forgotten). I was hungry, without a credit card, cash or cell phone and suffering from the symptoms of jet lag, which left me alone with my thoughts… all. night. long. However, even after the drugs wore off, this stream of consciousness continued. I ran on auto pilot, and if the experience didn’t make perfect sense in the moment, I would simply log the useless observation with the hope that eventually it would be processed and fit into the larger picture. Finally, using the composure of my current present, I will look back at the past year and try to process some of these observations. With elements ranging from sarcasm and embellishment to honest, vulnerable reflection, I hope to articulate a few of my conclusions and appreciate the gravity of seemingly insignificant moments. Hindsight is always 20/20. Photo- Looking out of the window at The Radisson Blu 05.03.2015