CelesOS’s Chief Scientist Michael Yeung Attended as a judge in the Miix Global SuperTechnology Developer Competition

From January 12th-13th, CelesOS’s Chief Scientist Michael Yeung attended as a judge the Miix Global Super Technology Developer Competition, which is guide by the China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Committee and hold with the China Open Source in Beijing.

The list of judge and special guest are shown as below:

CelesOS’s Founder and Chief Scientist Michael Yeung

Secretary General, Blockchain Professional Committee, China Communications Industry Association He, Chao Chairman of Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance Yuan, Dao Chairman of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance X-lab Director Xia Li AKB Founder, Ph.D. in Cryptography

Gao, Chengshi

Founder of Blockchain Factory Dr. Yu, Xiaolei Head of Blockchain Operations An, Chuanjie CSDN Bcamp‘s founder Wang, Liang

CelesOS as the blockchain financial industry explorer, hopes that it can find and gather more blockchain developers together to explore the combination of blockchain with the other industries from this event. Therefore, the blockchain application industry can push forward in development for innovation continuing.

2019 MiiX Global Blockchain Hackerthon Super Competition

This Hackerthon Super Competition consists in the blockchain spirit of open resource, collaboration, sharing. It invited 300 Geek, 30 Technology Community, 100 Dapp Team, 100 Technology Leaders, 50 Investors, 200 Medias together with the exposure flow reaches millions of times. Regarding to this scale, this competition would create a technological ecosystem, promote the development of the technology community, create a top-level large-scale technology event, and empower the real economy.

MiiX Introduction

The navigation technology of MiiX based on the genetic theory of the “mix creation, joint construction and sharing” to think out of the regular rules with the infusion with the innovation. MiiX focuses on the large size professional technology competition events, social group collaborated work. Regarding to the global affect technology event, MiiX can connect with the global technology community to develop the technological industry and its landing.

MiiX will held the giant hackathon competition tour in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin, London and Helsinki. From the estimation, it will connect more than ten thousand of geeks, more than 500 of top level developed team and distributed technology community social group to combine and develop the foundation of the blockchain technology with collaborating the construction with the mixing innovated communicate platform.

The founder of MiiX, Li, De delegated that MiiX is the open communicated system. No matter that you are the technology expert of the associate who work on the technological social group and the related industries. You can join us anytime and work together for the technology for constructing sharing technological information resources if you have the blockchain spirit of open resource, collaboration, sharing.special

The moment in the competition

the special guest was speaking on-site with the exciting speech

CelesOS’s Found and Chief Scientist Michael Yeung

The contestants are competing with ecah other to create the spark of thought every


On January 13th, the MiiX Global Technology Developers Super Competition of “Building a Technology Ecology Embracing a New Future” in Beijing as the Technology Development Competition is successfully concluded.

There are more than 30 global technology team here as the category of Tsinghua University, Peking University, and the other universities from foreign country, experts, gaming, security. The top three in the final is:

First place: Wuyun Solo Team

Project name: Tron youtube donate adpp;

Second place: RollingBlocks

Project name: TEH-RRX cross-chain gateway;

Third place: Force team

Project Name: AI Football Master.

CelesOS and MiiX hope to promote the development of the blockchain under the competition and build, share and open source blockchain technology.

CelesOS scientist Yang Yang said that more technical enthusiasts are welcome to discuss blockchain technology application scenarios, using blockchain technology to solve real-life problems. Promote blockchain technology The application of the model will be implemented, and the ecological blueprint of the blockchain industry will be improved, and the blockchain technology will be

vigorously developed.

About CelesOS

Celes Open O.S. is based on the blockchain applicate system of the DPoW consensus mechanism

The operating system based on the DPoW’s institution

CelesOS as the various types of the financial application provides the fundamental IT service decentralized Blockchain platform, we need to build up a “Wall Street” on the Blockchain to serve for widely financial institution and individual user. We use the innovated consensus algorithm for truthful decentralization with higher efficiency. Furthermore, we will design the script to support the automatic contract and the other various applications. We will fully design it to support the higher efficiency supervision and keep the professional supervised legal compile layers to achieve the largest limitation to obey the local legalization. This legal supervision compiles layers responses for the legal text with correct grammar from translating the automatic contract.

CelesOS allows various participants, which includes the financial institution, supervised legalization, and users. CelesOS is not only can support the large-scale application but also can provide the security service for these applications. Depending on the reducing operating cost, increasing the supervised efficiency and the other features attract more supervised institution, financial institution and the other users to use this system.

Gao, Han CEO

Undergraduate in Tsing Hua University

Doctor in University of Chicago

New York Goldman Senior Officer

Beijing China Investment Bank Senior Officer

Hong Kong Exchange Senior Officer

Liu, Yi Lan, CTO

Tencent Technology Director

Da Jiang Technology Director

Yang Yang, CTO

Undergraduate in Tsing Hua University

Master of Imperial College Financial Engineer


Spanish Bank in US

Zhang, Wei Chao (Security Expert)

Tencent Software Engineer Senior Officer

Da Jiang Software Engineer Senior Officer

The members of the CelesOS team are mostly from Tsing Hua University, Peking University, Berkeley University, MIT, Virginia Institute College and the other famous education institutions. Before they joined into CelesOS, they have experienced in working for the National Development Bank, CICC, Tencent, Hua Wei and etc.

This team is very familiar and proficient, which can be seen as the Golden Team for the blockchain technology, finance and supervision.

CelesOS depends on the corporation with the supervision department for framing up the legislative framework by using the decentralization of blockchain, un-editable accounting book, intelligent contract, secured privacy these features to support the institutions to build up the blockchain platform and the developed DApps which fit their demand to increase the trust between institution, reduce legislative cost and increase efficiency.















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