NASDAQ Decided to Launch the BTC Futures On the First Season of Next Year | With Preparing for One Year

According to ambcrypto’s report, the Bitcoin future will launch on the one half of next year from Joseph Christinat, who is the vice president of NASDAQ’s social media team. At present, NASDAQ is waiting for permission from U.S. COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION (CFTC).

This time, Christinat answered the questions which are unauthorized and spread on the internet for a time. He said: “we can see so many guess and rumour about the next step we are going to do. However, no one thinks of finding us to authorize this information whether it is true or not. It is therefore that we are going to do (confirming the information), and tell everyone that the bitcoin’s future is coming. “

When talking about NASDAQ, it has got the second largest global exchange market with 47 years in history. The market value achieves ninety trillion US dollar, which is on the giant level. Before, there is some news said that NASDAQ is only concern about building up the cryptocurrency currency exchange, but the fact proved that the idea is not as simple like that. NASDAQ has already worked on it already.

NASDAQ will start expanding their cryptocurrency exchange to become the first global mainstream exchange. And the cryptocurrency exchange’s type will launch online formally in March next year. If it can come true, namely, the cryptocurrency trade will become “legal product”.

NASDAQ plans to launch Bitcoin Futures | Bitcoin Reaches the Latest High Level on Price

“Big Mac” has already planned for a long time since November 2017. It is the first time that NASDAQ claimed that they will launch the bitcoin futures which directly affected the price of bitcoin reached up to the new high level at about 10,000 US dollars. Moreover, before this claim is established, the Chicago Board Options Exchange(CBOE) and CME Group Inc.(Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade) decided to launch the first bitcoin future product at the end of November in 2017.

Thus, clearly, the plan of NASDAQ is not finished on time. And its online Bitcoin future trade will later than its other competitors in the traditional financial industry. Especially the Bakkt which is also included in it. Its real Bitcoin future will launch on January 24th, 2019.

In fact, it is the second time that NASDAQ posted the news of launching Bitcoin future in April 2018. According to the social media reports, NASDAQ will launch the online cryptocurrency trade in October this year. Under this effect, the price of Bitcoin is highly resistantly in change at that day. The price from the minimum level of 8,780 US dollar raised to over 9,300 US dollar. However, this news is not authorized from the official media and there is

no afterward information.

At present, it is the third time that NASDAQ posted the news of launching Bitcoin future in November 2018, which is totally different from two times. This News has already been authorized by the official media. But, there is no clue if the bitcoin future can be launched in public on time and if the permission can get from U.S. COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION (CFTC). Even though for now this news is authorized by the official media, the price of bitcoin doesn’t increase as fast as before from the reaction in the market. On contrary, the price tends to decrease in the bear market constantly. During the time in the bear market, this good news lost its reaction from the market.

Thus, the amount of trade is not large enough when people still expect Bitcoin future can with the brand new instituted encrypted investment in the new times. And the cryptocurrency price dropped from 20,000 UD dollar to less than 4,000 US dollars.

The present Bitcoin future in the Chicago Board Options Exchange(CBOE) and CME Group Inc. (Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade) now still using the cash for account clearing. These future’s hit the lowest price since trading from last year.

The New York Exchange and Van Eck Ltd. planned to launch Bitcoin future on the first season 2019. The chairman of New York Exchange and the chief executive, Jeffrey Sprecher said: Although there are many various top title news about the plugging price, the supervision of cryptocurrency in the market may have its future, which is the same as what CNBC reported early today.

This decision of NASDAQ may also cause that the global capital inflows tot eh US market. Meanwhile, the future in the Chicago Exchange may become the main exchange market for the cryptocurrency.

At first, NASDAQ will become the “Legal product”. It will change the people to see the Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency. It will occur the consensus for the cryptocurrency and the digital asset increase in the world. Also, the digital asset increases its acceptance in different countries gradually. At the same time, since the main players start joining in this market, it helps the legalization and stabilization of the cryptocurrency trade. Why the price is rising? Why does everybody expect the price is increasing for the bitcoin? Thereby the price will rise in the end. It shows that how important the consensus is in the society.

Secondly, if the US’s government can issue the licence for NASDAQ to be the cryptocurrency exchange. It may happen in the countries. Once Domino condition happens, the reaction is hard to measure. If the authorization of KYC for the users, operating management, risk management system and the other aspect can be done in the US, the regulation and standard will establish associated with it together. Therefore, many countries will reference the US’s standard for regulation and the management in the cryptocurrency market.

The financial giant in Wall Street developed the cryptocurrency market by launching financial supervision which is a very good behaviour in the market. The development of the blockchain cannot leave the supervision, especially the blockchain exchanges. So, Celes Chain, as the first global financial supervised blockchain and embraces supervision from the bottom, supports the communication of across chain and authorizes the side chain linked for serving better in developing application service in supervision institution. C-Chain would plan to work on the financial establishment, medical treatment, digital bank and etc.

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