Blockchain winter is coming, and let’s learn how to survive the winter.

It’s as if one day in the cryptocurrency world were one year in the real world. As the winter is coming, the whole world is silent, and the desolate land is waiting for the spring.

Let’s learn how to survive the cold winter from the elites in the cryptocurrency business.

On January 9th, 2018, Xu Xiaoping, Founder of ZhenFund, said excitedly in the CEO group, “The blockchain revolution has arrived, and this is a great technological revolution in which those who follow the trend succeed and those who don’t fail. He appeals to people not to just have feelings of envy without any action, but to rush into the waves and face the huge impact that the blockchain will bring to all walks of life.

Subsequently, Blockchain has quickly become the focus of people’s attention. The new entrants are extremely enthusiastic and eager to go “all in”, in fear of being abandoned by the express train of era. On August 15, 2018, the market value of global crypto assets was less than 200 billion US dollars, with a reduction of more than 70% compared to the price Xu Xiaoping indicated. Nowadays, the slogan “all in” is rare to hear. Instead, it is “persistence” and “the survivor is the winner” that take the place. The speakers are in less excitement but of more helplessness. Although the status quo of cryptocurrency has not been disastrous, but it has been severely bruised, for example, with removed tokens, runaway projects, cheerless blockchain conference, and retreating investors.

Bitpie Founder Wen Hao

When it comes to bulls and bears, it can be said that in today’s blockchain industry, Bitpie has a say in terms of wallet service, as Bitpie has experienced the last cycle of the bull and bear, and then entered this new round.

This round of bear market has an influence on Bitpie, such as causing the decline in the number of new users, but not significantly. Bitcoin provides wallet asset business, and in the circumstance of continued market downturn, more and more users choose to keep Ethereum and token assets in the wallet.

In the last bear market, there were a mass of practitioners who owed huge debts.

“You need to think clearly about whether you can survive in the bear market. It doesn’t matter what you say if you can’t survive, and entrepreneurs must deeply understand whether the products and services they want to provide are what users really need,” Wen Hao said.

Wen Hao believes that today’s blockchain industry is very different from what it was a few years ago. As more and more investors and users are beginning to realize that the blockchain industry is disruptive and revolutionary, and in the future, the blockchain will completely change everyone’s living conditions.

HelloEOS Founder Zi Cen

“1000 EOS is enough. You will find that people don’t need that much money in their lifetime.” The HelloEOS Founder Zi Cen bought a great deal of EOS on the main network of EOS. As EOS price rose in by 300% a month in April, Zi has become famous. But now people are making jokes, “people don’t need to lose that much money in their lifetime.”

Zi Cen said that after the last bull market, the players in the entire blockchain industry have grown to a very large volume, and the popularity is far more than the last bear market. The technical strength and funds of the industry have exploded. “The next outburst will happen undoubtedly. Wait for the time and wait for the wind to come. Before that, make sure to survive.”

JRR Crypto Managing Director Zhang Lu

At present, as the overall environment is indeed poor, investors should be more cautious in investment project rather than not investing in projects at all. Investment should go to projects with positive cash flow in the bear market, so that they can go through the cold winter with self-sufficiency. When the bull market comes, these projects will bring great returns to investors. However, investors should be cautious about asset-heavy projects.

Most of the projects this year are losing money valued in Fiat money, but if valued in Token, the situation would be much better. When the capital injection drops by an order of magnitude, ETH will inevitably fall. The project can only be forced to cash out in order to survive the winter, for there is no way and the bear market is not good for everyone.

Now everyone sees the dimensions of a project more comprehensively, not as impetuous as before. People focus more on opportunities for some specific areas of the field. For example, the general tools and media community, though not related to blockchain technology, are greatly important components of blockchain field. General tools include wallets and exchanges that have access to funding. The media community is a traffic portal and may be an important supplement to blockchain governance in the future.

In terms of hardware, industry integration has been completed. Public chain competition may end in 2018. If a public chain project has not completed financing in 2018, has not entered exchange, and has not even launched the main chain, it is likely that there will be no chance in 2019. After the achievement of public chain, there would be good prospects for areas concerning technical development projects that focus on problems of public chain, vertical applications, applications related to assets or other technologies.

How to survive the cold winter?
  • First, the adjustment of the grain. Winter means that the grain will not be enough, and it is necessary to make a good decision to change the pace of business development, focus on breakthroughs, cherish the food, know what money should be spent and what money should not be spent, and manage your cash flow.
  • The second is to be down-to-earth. Only by serving the physical economy, helping enterprises solve problems and creating real value for enterprises can a business win long-term development space. The skeleton of business ecology should be supported by a solid project.
  • To serve the physical economy better, the Celes Chain team work hard to implement the project step by step. With innovative use of blockchain and public chain technology, it sets up a series of risk prevention measures, and introduces regulation, so that financial institutions and blockchain pioneers can develop innovative products on Celes Chain to bring more convenient and cost-efficient financial services. It can also be regulated and prevent the recurrence of financial crisis.
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