CCHH Project Progress 2018.09.07

Dear CCHN Followers,

Welcome to read the 10th Weekly Publication of CCHN Project Progress (01/09–07/09). The engineers in CCHN R&D Centre will continuously endeavor to build the infrastructure of CelesOS. To ensure better experience in the future, details are being polished.

As the world’s first DPoW public chain for financial institutions, Celes Chain adopts consensus mechanism 3.0. It embraces regulation from the design of bottom layer, supports cross-chain communication and sidechain link authentication, and provides services for financial institutions to develop financial applications.

CelesOS travels to Shanghai to accept Microsoft's acceleration

On August 23, 2018, CelesOS officially joined Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai Batch Four. In the field of blockchain, Microsoft Accelerator has admitted three companies, and CelesOS is the first one.

From August 30th to September 1st, the CelesOS’ core team visited Shanghai to join the On Boarding Week with Microsoft Accelerator, accepting Microsoft's three-day resource matching for Batch Four members including CelesOS. The heads of sales and technology are offering professional training to the members.

CelesOS and Microsoft will be in cooperation in all aspects such as technology, market, PR, and Microsoft Cloud Azure.

Resource matching last for three days.


Orientation Day

Participation in learning and training

Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai will provide the following support for members:

Training and curriculum /Co-sell with Microsoft /Customer access program /Capital /fund raising event /Government engagement /Marketing /PR assistance/Marketing events engagement /Demo day/Mentor /Alumni

And the following training will be carried out for all participants:

/Orientation /Product & technology /GTM & sales

/Marketing & PR/Finance /HR/Leadership /Legal


Team Outing

On the team outing day, all the members departed together from Shanghai to Wuxi Film and Television Base to jointly shoot a short film.

DAY 3 1V1

The third day was the one-on-one customized plan. Based on the needs of the startups, Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai offers services to match resources for its members. The Batch Four members were interacting actively and having discussion about today’s global economy and technology with each other.

More about On Boarding Week at Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai, please click here: …

Technological Progress


Main miner programme development is completed.

The development of the mining plug-in is completed. The mining plug-in is mainly for mining-related operations, and the miner is an important function of CelesOS. This progress has pushed the development of CelesOS a big step forward.

The following is the start command line:

The following is the screenshot of code:


The configuration of docker image is completed.

The CelesOS automation script, the foundation for testing network, and the docker configuration were completed last week.

The following is the screenshot of code:


Jenkins server configuration

The Jenkins service has been built and deployed last week.

The following is the screenshot of code:


Joint debugging is conducted for the new system contract.

The CelesOS R&D team continued to conduct joint debugging for the new system contract.


CelesOS has started preparations for patent application of DPoW consensus mechanism.

The patent application of DPoW has been officially launched. The first draft has been completed and the second draft is being made.

DPoW combines the existing PoW and DPoS consensus mechanisms to innovatively address the current needs of blockchain: to balance decentralization, security, and efficiency.

Using power to vote is the biggest innovation of DPoW.

The PoW algorithm is used to replace the rewards by vote while retaining the DPoS mechanism of block production. DPoW achieves the advantage of PoW's decentralization and the advantage of DPoS’ performance, eliminating the human factor and making coordination determined by the agreement and computing power.

DPoW's election process of block producer can be regarded as voting for computing power. It is determined by the support of block producers’ computing power, combining mining and DPoS mechanism of block production. It possesses the decentralization and security of PoW and the performance of DPOS and it achieves the balance among these three indicators in blockchain.


Blockchain application for auction industry is basically completed.

Taking the auction and resale of Moutai code with global unique ID as an example, the blockchain application for auction industry is basically completed, aiming to help establish the economic eco-model of Fund.


There are two major functional areas, the auction hall and the trading hall.

There are n limited Moutai codes.

There are x events, with auctioning x "Moutai Code" per event

Each event lasts 24 hours.

After the auction is completed (n Moutai auctions are completed), the next round of auctions will be automatically reopened (restarting the auction of n Moutai codes).

Any user can check: a Moutai code can trace all the sales process till the system auction.

After each event, according to the user's bid, the highest price gets the Moutai code, and priority is given in consideration of time order at the same price.

At the end of each event, the system will announce all users that receive the Moutai code and auction prices.

A user can resell one of the Moutai codes he owns to another user at a certain price.

Based on the background mentioned above, the Demo of Moutai Code Auction has been finished and the complete Demo will be achieved officially next week.

The following is the Demo workflow of Moutai Code Auction:

Competition Progress

Last Friday (September 7th), the CelesOS technical team representatives traveled to Shanghai to participate in the TEDC (Token Economy Design Competition).

CelesOS is aimed at the current GP/LP structure of fund, innovatively deal with the pain points of fund such as excessive LP interference, GP’s financing difficulties, LP’s difficulty in finding GP, and insufficient incentives of GP management mode.

The following is part of the project contents:

Evaluation progress

Celes added two overseas media for demonstration and reviews last week. The new assessment agencies include: icobazaar, and cryptodiffer. In addition, icomarks raised Celes' rating last week to a high score of 9.0 (out of 10).

At present, Celes has been favored by 23 well-known assessment agencies at home and abroad. Among them, the American rating agency trackico scored 5 points for Celes and ICOLINK scored 4.98.

The above organizations conduct comprehensive and multi-angle professional assessments from project, team, technology, white paper, official website, social media, number and activity of telegraph groups, and CCHN information. It can be seen that Celes' comprehensive development, no matter about technology, team, concept, application prospects or substantial progress, is widely recognized by global assessment agencies.

The above is all for CCHN’s 10th weekly publication.

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