CelesOS wins strategic investment from Wang Feng, Founder of Mars Finance & ConsensusLab

On July 27, 2018, CelesOS got Strategic Investment from Wang Feng, Founder of Mars Finance & Consensus Lab. In the future, CelesOS will work with ConsensusLab in the field of blockchain finance.

About CelesOS

CelesOS is a decentralized blockchain system that provides underlying IT services for a variety of financial applications. We aim to build a “Wall Street” on the blockchain to serve financial institutions and users. Our use of innovative consensus algorithms can achieve true decentralization and efficiency. In addition, we will also design a special scripting language to support smart contracts and various applications. Our design supports efficient regulation in all aspects and has a special compilation layer for legal and compliance to achieve local compliance. The regulatory compliance compiler is responsible for compiling smart contracts into legal documents that conform to semantics.

CelesOS is accessible to all types of participants, including financial institutions, regulatory institutions and users. CelesOS not only supports large-scale applications, but also provides secure services for these applications. By reducing operating costs and increasing regulatory efficiency, regulators, financial institutions, and end users can be attracted to access the system.

CelesOS Events

  1. From July 2nd to July 3rd, 2018, CelesOS was invited to participate in the TechCrunch International Innovation Summit 2018 <Hangzhou Station>.

David Aikman, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum and Chief Representative Officer, China, visited CelesOS to have discussion about topics related to blockchain technology and application prospects.

When David got to know that CelesOS is a public chain for financial institutions that embraces regulation from the underlying design, David said that the current technology, including blockchain and IoT, needs to be connected with regulation. He considered the idea of ​​CelesOS very creative and hopes to have further exchange with the CelesOS team to learn more about the regulatory field of ​​ blockchain.

2. On July 21, 2018, the Mars Training Camp invited Michael Yeung, Cofounder & Chief Scientist of CelesOS to share the three paths of the Wall Street blockchain boom and the legal ICO in the US.

Michael Yeung said, “When the future of blockchain in China is uncertain, it has been hot for a year in the entire Wall Street. They think that the blockchain is the future, and what they have to do.”

After the entry of Chicago Stock Exchange, the world's largest commodity futures exchange, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley, there may come the trend of tokenized securities. The corresponding exchange licenses will appear in the mainstream financial institutions in Wall Street, which brings a huge impact on the capital market.

At that time, pensions and institutional funds with KYC certification will enter the market, and the investors in digital currency will be attracted to the traditional exchanges. Currently digital currency exchanges may face a cold winter.

3. In July, C chain, the first DPoW financial public chain based on the CelesOS system, gained ICOLINK's full score and was recognized globally.

That C Chain has achieved a high score at ICOLINK is already a global recognition in the financial industry of its role as the world's first DPoW public chain for financial institutions. As a decentralized blockchain platform that provides underlying IT services for a variety of financial applications, it aims to build a “Wall Street” on the blockchain to serve financial institutions and users. Our use of innovative consensus algorithms can achieve true decentralization and efficiency.

4. On July 25, 2018, CelesOS Cofounder Michael Yeung was invited to participate in the live broadcast of 8BTC.

On July 25th, CelesOS Cofounder & Chief Scientist Michael Yeung and two EMAC members visited the 8BTC live broadcast room to share the recent incidents of EOS loss. They helped the victims recover ten thousand EOS and shared knowledge of wallet security and exclusive tips for EOS protection. Those who are interested can click "Read the original" at the bottom of this article.

About Mars Finance & ConsesusLab

Wang Feng, current Chairman and CEO of Linekong (8267.HK), co-founded GeekFounders with CSDN Founder Jiang Tao, and has many years of project investment experience. In the blockchain wave this year, he seized the opportunity to create an information portal of blockchain finance - Mars Finance, to report the latest news about global projects, investment consulting, project analysis, and the market around the clock for blockchain entrepreneurs and digital currency investors.

At present, a large number of excellent blockchain entrepreneurs are trying to deal with the practical application scenarios with blockchain technology. To make projects with good prospects develop better and faster, Wang Feng has established a consensus lab with many industry elites and excellent practitioners. The laboratory, with the professional thinking of technology and finance, explores the value of the blockchain and supports the blockchain-related enterprises and talents. With the rich experience and resources of the fund team and partners, we will jointly create a first-class incubation ecosystem for blockchain projects investment.

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