Tomorrow, VIPER celebrates two years in business, so I felt like maybe today would be an appropriate time to look back on some of my favorite moments, and a few major lessons.

We get so many questions about partnership, being self-funded, and being female CEOs (which is the same thing as just being a CEO contrary to popular belief). To be honest, every time someone asks us to speak or give advice part of me is confused. …

My business partner Kelsi is the greatest person ever and I’m pretty sure she is the main reason we are successful:

  • We always have each other’s back,
  • we divide and conquer,
  • we motivate one another; and
  • we make sure only one of us is crying at a time. :)

Our relationship gets stronger every day, but it wasn’t always like that and I’m pretty sure there is one overall concept that really helped us achieve this dynamic.

Two Important Feelings and One Way Forward

A successful partnership of any sort always requires two people putting in equal amounts of work…

Celeste Durve

Co-Founder + Co-CEO of VIPER by KCH.

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