He got our Lamborghini out of the Stump!

So this story was supposed to be about Jacky and his cool Lamborghini. But stuff had to happen and that led us to Ramu, the man who got our Lamborghini out of the stump! You must be wondering who is Ramu? He is the gentleman in black who changed the entire angle of this story. Kindness, it’s up to us.

Here it goes. It was a normal Thursday afternoon and I was on my way to meeting Jacky, one of the Lamborghini drivers in the RYDE network for a special feature. I got on to the Lamborghini and we were off to the Barrage for our photoshoot. Jacky was really nice to find nice “backgrounds” for my shoot.

So we got a few nice shots and he suggested to drive further down where we can get a good shot against the sea.

Before I knew it, Jacky drove really far as I was checking those photos on my DSLR.

He stayed in the same position for really long and I was wondering what happened. I got into panic mode when I found out that his Lamborghini got stuck in the stump and he couldn’t get out of it! But thankfully, 2 gentleman came forward to help. Check out these guys trying to get the car out.

They tried all ways. Pushing, using stones and sticks to aid in the process.

Saw Ramu in action? In that hour, he was running around, dirtying his hands and coming out with solutions to get our Lamborghini out of the stump. And thank goodness, his hard work and kindness paid off!

We were really thankful for the two gentleman, especially Ramu, who asked for nothing in return after working an hour under the hot sun for us. I was also very thankful to Jacky who was so calm and cool about the whole thing, that he could even ask for a selfie!

It was a crazy afternoon of “work”. But more importantly, it warms me to know that there are people out there who asks for nothing in return, spending time sweating over a stranger’s problems. We thank you once again, Ramu.

And of course, not forgetting Jacky who made time for me to do this feature! 🙂

Originally published at www.rydesharing.com on April 27, 2016.