Items with ‘less sugar’ at a higher price

2 analogies from Mr. Huang.

Fairprice Nonya Kaya


Making reference from NTUC FairPrice Bukit Merah Central, the original price of FairPrice Nonya Kaya (410g) was S$2.85 while its ‘less sugar’ counterpart (400g) was S$3.85.

Nescafe’s 3-in-1 coffee mix


The original (40 sticks, 19g) and its 25% less sugar equivalent (35 sticks, 15g) had the same price.

What’s this comparison for?

The Prime Minister has urged Singaporeans at the National Day Rally (NDR), highlighting the importance of “choosing healthier eating options” as one way for Singaporeans to combat diabetes.

But with the healthier food options costing more, how are then able to convince people to make a switch?

Speaking from personal experience, the older generation (my parents), would choose product A over product B if it’s cheaper.

Even if it’s just 10 cents cheaper.


Such is the reality.

How are we going to bridge the gap if there’s a significant price difference?

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