Kia Driver Hit Another Car During Parking & Drove Off Instantly…Not Knowing It’s Caught on Camera

I don’t drive because I’m born to be driven around. Heh.

But I can judge. Looking at the 52-second video, I can come up with 2 hypotheses.

Let’s give this Kia driver a name. He shall hereby be called the reckless fellow.

Hypothesis Number 1

Reckless fellow was finding a spot to park his car when he saw that shining spot.

Thinking to himself, “Wah, thank God it’s two-lots wide so I can have some leeway… just in case… I suay suay hit the white car beside.”

So he decided to go ahead with it. Reverse and… BAM.

Siao liao, can’t be that suay right…”

If you watch the video, after the BAM, he actually paused there for a good 1.25 seconds. I guess conscience paid him a visit and knocked on his door.

Face the music or run away like a scaredy-cat.

Well, I give him some credit for facing the situation for a good 1.25 seconds and then decided to be the scaredy cat after his reckless act.

So yup, he drove off and decided to sweep the whole BAM incident under the carpet.

But he forgot that the carpet had some holes so it was not completely hidden.That’s the reason why we have this footage.

Hypothesis Number 2

Reckless fellow didn’t want to go one big round just to exit the car park. He saw a good space where he could reverse and go against the one-way route so as to exit the car park faster.

Now drivers, don’t tell me you haven’t done that before.

Imagine this type of annoying car parks:

Now see the edits in white:

You parked your car near the entrance but to exit, you have to go round the entire maze…

So I guess reckless fellow decided to take things into own hands by reversing into an empty spot so he could exit from the entrance.

Do I make any sense?

Do you understand what I’m attempting to do?

I’m trying to make him sound like he could be any driver out there, like you and me. I mean you since I don’t drive.

But okay, maybe I failed. So let’s just go ahead with hypothesis number 1. He’s a bad-ass driver who deserves some good follow-ups from the law.

But other than the reckless fellow who has gotten himself quite an amount of limelight, let’s not forget the owner of the car footage who actually came forward to help after reckless fellow drove off.

I think his name is Edwin. Angel Edwin, thank you.

But truth be told, this is no new news in Singapore. Just a couple of months back, in August, another car reversed and left a dent on the Maroon-colored Honda Vezel.

But don’t worry, because the god of all car-cams will be the saving grace.

If you haven’t installed a car-cam… maybe it’s time you get one?

Originally published at on October 19, 2017.

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