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How to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey

Celeste P.
Aug 27, 2017 · 3 min read

Here’s a list of how you can help, as we continue to monitor news out of Texas.

1. The Texas Diapers Bank

Donation here:

2. The SPCA of Texas

Donate here:

3. Save the Children

Donate here:

4. AirBNB (Donate days, or sign up for help)

If you are someone who is in need of a place to stay, you can also sign up on this list. Make sure to spread the word.

Donate days or sign up here:

5. Red Cross

Donate here:

6. Donate to individual Harvey-related GoFundMe campaigns

(Please make sure you vet the campaigns)

Donate here:

7. Donate to the Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi

Donate here:

8. Donate to the Humane Society of North Texas

Donate here:

9. Donate blood to the Carter Blood Bank, if you’re local

Info here:

10. In your own state, you can find out if your state’s urban search and rescue teams are being deployed to Texas.

11. Donate to the Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Center

Donate here:

12. Donate to local food banks like the Galveston Food Bank

Donate here:

13. Donate to, a disaster relief organization specifically focusing on disaster relief for disabled people

14. Donate to Houston Food Bank/Feeding Texas (two more food banks mobilizing)

Feeding Texas donation link (not Harvey-specific):

15. Donate to Team Rubicon

Donate here (it’s a pop-up):

16. Global Giving has a dedicated Harvey fund

17. Direct Relief is sending money to specific Texas resources

Donate here:

18. The Texas Library Association has a dedicated fund to help libraries rebuild

19. Donate both financially and supplies to Little Lobbyists

Check out their list of donation requests here:

20. Donors Choose have created a Harvey-specific fund

21. The Mayor of Houston has created a fund for the city, via the Greater Houston Community Foundation

22. Insulin for Life and Project Blue November are collecting both supplies and donations for those impacted by diabetes in Texas.

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