This was originally going to be writing on how helping other should be done in a manner that will help all involved but a message from the universe came and this will be next weeks writing.

One of the most powerful tools created and given to man next to fire is the Internet. Some might say that this is a great over exaggeration however, when you stop and think about how these things changed our history it becomes more striking. Let us talk about fire quickly, bringing both light and chaos. Fire is the greatest thing the universe has given us, a true test of free will. In Greek mythology Prometheus gives man fire at the cost of his own freedom, he completely entrusts humans to be able to handle the power of the gods. Fire is completely neutral and can be used to cook food and warm a home, but it can just as easily kill others and destroy land. If fate was decided before we ever had the choice to change it then fire would be a predictable and controllable force, yet free will allows us to witness the ambiguous nature of fire. The property of fire is a true representation of the universe itself.

The Internet has a very similar history, the only difference is that we know the exact moment the Internet came to be. At 10:30 PM., 29 October 1969, the first ARPANET message was sent from UCLA to the Stanford Research Institute. The first message ever sent was “Lo” as if the universe itself was telling man, Lo and Behold. It was our first spark, the start of a great fire that would change our history forever. The Internet was what could be considered the dream of the universe, a place free of boundaries and full of all thoughts from all walks of life. People are able to push their own ideas and will upon others at lightning speed across the planet with little to no effort. The Internet itself does nothing, it is a catalyst of the human experience. It was possible that the creators of the Internet could have kept it to themselves copy writing it not allowing others to use it without paying them, but just like Prometheus they saw the world wide web was something that all should be allowed to have. Luckily Tim Berners-Lee did not suffer the same fate as Prometheus and all should be grateful for his ability to give humanity this great gift. The Internet allows complete freedom of expression allowing you to be your true self.

Fight for neutrality because with out it the Celestial Order itself would not have been formed.

Be Just

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