When the fisherman said goodbye

I have to start by telling you that I come from Venezuela, where i lived a good portion of my happy life in a city called Valencia, about an hour from the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen. 
At the end of 2000 I returned home from a 4 year tour around the world, doing volunteer work, performing and earning little money with a company that gave me the opportunity to see the world as their Business Manager.

Oh, those days! When we were happy and didn’t know it.

In 2007 I had an interview to go back on the road with the same company… I started going to the beach every single weekend, because I knew that wherever life would take me it was not going to be Home, as in Venezuela, my home. I left on July 2nd 2007. I knew that the weekend before that was going to be my last weekend seeing those beautiful beaches, smelling the fresh water, feeling the sea wind, and seeing the fisherman come and go as they made a bit of money selling the fresh fish they had caught that morning. I took it all in, but, didn’t really realized how much I was going to miss it. Yet again, everyone says, “You never know until you are gone” Sure enough… I didn’t know until I was gone!

Life took me to so many places, I met so many people, I ate so many things, I helped tons of people. Made an impact on so many people’s lives. Even though the thought of going back home was sometimes there, the change I was seeing in others and in myself was way worth it and I would do it all over again if I had to.

This is what I learned and the reason why I love traveling
Traveling takes you away from what you are, from your home, your people, your everything, but it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Traveling teaches you to appreciate what you have and to share with others different than you. It helps you understand others, their language, religion, beliefs, culture. The way they eat, the way they cook even, the way they love, or even the way they drive!! Traveling is like having google right in front of your eyes, with pictures, videos and everything. Like a real life google if you know what I mean.

Traveling the world taught me to stretch my mind, to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations, to take care of myself and make good decisions, to help others, to be kind, to see the best in other people and places, to live, to love, to laugh.

And yeah! of course I miss my home and the sea, the sun and the beaches… but I would have never had learned what I did and continue to learn if I didn’t say goodbye to the fisherman.

Never be afraid to say goodbye to your very own fisherman. I tell you… it is worth it!

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