Well, my flight is in 1 week and I haven’t packed a thing. This whole trip still feels surreal, even though my bank account is 1200 dollars less. Yesterday I met with a wonderful woman who previously taught German at my old high school. She gave me the most wonderful tips on the need-to-knows, as far as the differences between American and German culture. I haven’t felt the need to learn any German due to the fact that quite literally everyone there also speaks and understands English, however, I feel as though I am going to be seen as the “Naïve Tourist”. Throughout the next few days I hope to get down numbers 1–20 and some basic vocabulary. Leaving Minnesota will be more than easy, but leaving my family for 3 months cold turkey is going to be tough. I will admit, I am a bit of a mommy’s girl -if there is such a thing- so hopefully the transition ends up being not super painful.

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