A poem

(Yes, the picture is mine too☺)

I am haunted by all the things I could have been,
A scientist,
A doctor,
An artist,
A better writer,
A better person, for you and for me.
I am haunted by all the seemingly timeless memories that hide away in broken picture boxes in the back of my mind;
Placing flowers on old gravestones in the middle of winter, which you called poetic, but I called them pitty petals for all the ones that could have been,
The almosts, 
The halfway gone’s 
The one’s trying to be ok.
The ghosts above the theater scream and moan at me, for their time is up, they had their chance, and they almost made it.
They’re time has run out,
Their grieving period should be over,
Their screams and moans mean nothing anymore except old complaints and lazy Sunday mornings wasted.
I’ve since locked them away in old picture boxes, along with scruffy teddy bears and decent memories of humid summer nights.
But as for you, I’m keeping you hidden in an iron case, it used to be holding my father’s old rifle, but the case was meant to shelter something far more dangerous; 
All the parts of you.
But broken up so you don’t become a whole memory again. 
If that happens, you might break out of the case and escape through my mind and bleed out on the delicate parchment.
Too close for comfort.
Too distant for deceit.

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