This was and still is a hard one for me. ‘Putting myself out there’ doesn’t come naturally.

I’m extremely shy but have learned how to fake it till you make it, to the point most people don’t believe me.

My shyness inherently makes me want to avoid the public sphere in all forms. I think I have a pathological fear of any sort of camera and the camera knows it. It takes a ton of self-talk to get me in front of one. “I will act natural, I will act natural, this will be a good picture, this will be a good picture”. Ok, I’m ready. Then invariably someone will say, “Ya, Cooper hates getting her picture taken” right before click. Hey thanks for reminding me to act awkward and uncomfortable.

So, in the age of selfies (which make me feel ridiculous), live chats and stories that are all needed to help communicate your brand message I am forced to push myself so far out of my comfort zone that I’m actually in a new hemisphere.

But, I’m so grateful to have these platforms. It’s amazing that I can talk directly to folks or spread a message without ever having to schedule an appointment or mortgage my house to take out a full page print ad.

Online platforms level the playing field, even for little ol’ introverted me.

If I can learn strip off feeling self-conscious about putting myself out there, anyone can!