Packaging my thoughts about Monki Gras 2017

Oooh shiny!!

James Governor from Red Monk kindly invited me to Monki Gras in London last January. Monki Gras is an annual UK conference about software, craft and experiences and this year's theme was… Packaging! So of course, you'll have to bear with my metaphors (well, jokes) about packaging in this article ;)

So packaging… what? Software, products, stories… but also coffee and beer. Yup! Great conference! (I only tried the coffee at the conference as I don't drink beer and it was amazing)


It was really awesome!

There were coffee goodies

And dinosaurs!

But also, diversity scholarships!

And of course, great talks! Here are just a few that I found really memorable:

Packaging ecosystems: How to make your open source project matter, Kiyoto Tamura

Kiyoto Tamura, VP of Marketing at Treasure Data, gave this very insightful talk about how Fluentd managed to become a successful open source project. Finding the right "box", Job to Be Done, Languages, Cloud… Think user and communities!

Packaging for Recalls, Guy Podjarny

Cofounder of Snyk Guy Podjarny wondered about the Product Recall metaphor and how it applies to both commercial and open source software. For example, who's responsible for the issues warranting a recall? Vendors in commercial software and products, users in open source. Interesting examples and To Do list in the end!

Metaphors we compute by, Alvaro Videla

Alvaro Videla, distributed system engineer formerly at Pivotal, gave me a lot of food for thought (another image!) as he talked about how metaphors can shape thought and how they apply in computer science. Ex: data structures as metaphors (queue, stack…) and cognitive leaps…

Packaging and the Gone Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on the Train, Claire Giordano

Claire Giordano is a senior director in product management and marketing. She talks about new ways to package and access stories, and how it benefits the readers as well as the content creators.

You might also like…

Sorry, but wouldn’t package free be the most convenient?, Arianna Aondio

Arianna Aondio, developer at Varnish Software, uses food metaphors and furniture metaphors to talk about containers and package-less software.

The Story of the Serverless Framework, Austen Collins

Austen Collins from Serverless argues that package is a story and gives insights about open source projects and how to drive adoption.

Packaging a great user experience, starting with our teams, Bridget McErlean

Bridget McErlean, software engineer at Bitnami, talks about user experience and building products for developers — And the importance of documentation.

Hidden Treasures

Some bonuses if you watch the talks! Can you find:

  • Amazing Spoken Word Poetry by Sarah Kay
  • A joke misinterpreting Romeo and Juliet
  • Links between Erlang and microservices
  • New books to read!
  • New tools to try!

To keep on the shelf

I felt there was something for everyone at the conference. Developers, UX designers, Product Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketers and Open Source Contributors among others…

Even for the things you thought you knew, you might find a new angle to think. Stories! Metaphors!

I also met great people — it was lovely. And well organised.

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