How do I get Reads & Views (not how do I get curated)?

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Curation: having your Story distributed by Medium into Topics, so that your Story can be easily discovered by readers clicking on the assigned Topic title. 
Topic titles can be found by clicking on MORE in the menu bar at the top of the Medium Home Page.

The Medium curators will also “feed” Stories from Topics that you are following, and Stories from “your Network” (i.e. the Publications & People you are following) and Stories based upon your reading history, on the Home page. These will appear on the left under the top featured (curated) Stories and the Medium Collections.

I have been posting on Medium since 9 November 2018 for 5 months now, and the main question that I see in the Medium Support Facebook groups and Stories on Medium about working with Medium, is “how do I get curated?”

Well, consider that the quick answer is to read Medium’s Curation Guidelines, and the long answer is to do your research and find “Stories” or articles on Medium and the internet at large, about what is likely to be curated when.

In my books:

Curation may not be the Holy Grail

The “holy grail”, to express receiving astronomical or constant attention and Claps or applause, and maybe lots of highlights and Responses; and if you’re in the Medium Membership Program, lots of money, is:

A large number of readers interacting with most of your Medium Stories

To achieve this, it is pretty elementary or basic, that you need to post numerous Stories every week, possibly covering a vast range of tastes or issues, possibly within Publications (small and large), and these “Stories” must have interesting or catchy Titles and appealing lead photos, and have good quality writing and memorable or useful content.

Or you need to do the aforementioned plus appreciate and capitalize on any of your Stories which are curated.

If even one of your Stories is curated, have a “My Story on Medium was curated “ Party!
I know that I will if any one of my Stories is curated.

Count yourself as One-of-the-Lucky-Ones if even one Story that you write is curated. Keep in mind that having a Story curated does not necessarily translate to continuing large payments under Medium’s Partnership Program.

If you do have a Story curated, it will give you a heads up about the Topics and content that Medium is currently curating, but keep in mind that there are only around 25 Medium curators and there are hundreds of thousands of Stories published each week on Medium.

I would rather that the curators spread around the curation on a daily and weekly basis, rather than “favor” a handful of Medium writers.

Sure, having one or several or most of your Stories curated will boost your number of Followers and the number of Claps for your Stories, but the energy spent on overly worrying over, and even on being unhappy and angry over not being curated, can well be used on positive construction.

Don’t rely upon Medium as a sole or significant income stream, and you won’t be disappointed if it does not deliver this.

Having said that, I get it that some Medium writers have noted a change in the types of Stories curated over time, and some even say that the trend of what is published and featured and curated by Medium has changed in disturbing ways (like less fiction published and less specific areas of technology published).

But have a cry over that, or hit your punching bag, or even leave Medium if it affects you that much.

Otherwise, there’s no option but to work with what you’ve got. Adapt.

You can get reads and views by applying to write for as many Publications as you have time to write for, and submitting your Stories regularly to them.

You can get reads and views by sharing or promoting your Medium Stories on social media (including Facebook groups for Medium writers) or on blogs or on forums which you participate in.

You can possibly increase interaction with your Medium Stories by telling family and friends, and possibly work colleagues or a friendly Doctor or cashier at Coles, about your Medium writing.

Your reads and views might be increased by having an email list that readers can subscribe to. Having an email list is a way of regularly notifying people of new Stories that you write.

Genuine interaction with other Medium writers will likely increase the interaction with your Stories. Clap Stories by other Medium writers that you like, and highlight parts that are important or valuable to you; and if you really feel moved by a Story, respond to it.

Some people advocate a tactic or strategy of “I follow you, you follow me” which means to follow as many people as you can, in the hope that quite a few of them will follow you back and will read and interact with some of your Medium Stories.

Invest in your Followers. If you have time to do so, visit their Medium Profiles to see what they are interested in reading, by looking at their Claps, Highlights and Responses; and writing pieces with them in mind.

Have faith that some of your Followers may, at some point of time, interact with one of your Stories.

But keep in mind that a huge number of Followers does not necessarily mean a lot of interaction with your Stories.

My analysis has shown that up to the time of writing this, on 13 April 2019, less than 5 percent of up to 229 Followers, have clapped for some (not all) of my Stories, over my first 5 months on Medium.

Other possibilities for increased reads and claps, are to create a Series on Medium, and to create and master your own Publication and post in your own Publication.

this is just a free content divider image to separate areas of text

To have varied content, if you blog on another platform, you can import a post from your blog into Medium.

Keep in mind that the date of the publication of the post being imported will be the date of publication on Medium, so you should choose recent posts OR see if the Publication that you are submitting to, has a Page with a TAG that matches the content of your post.

For example, Live your Life on Purpose has pages titled Happiness and Success at the top of its Home Page.

If you click on the word / page titled HAPPINESS, you will see the URL or web address shows /tagged/happiness at the end. This means that this page “collects” or display Stories with the Tag “Happiness”.

I used the Tag “Happiness” to tag my Story “Games and Imagination Keep us Alive” which I then submitted to Live your Life on Purpose, so that it would appear under the HAPPINESS page.

If you go to that Story, you will see the publication date as 28 November 2012, and that the Tags include “Happiness”. November 2012 is the date of the original blog post on my blog “Our Lovely World.”

This Story was published by the editor of Live your Life on Purpose on the 3rd March, and if you scroll through the Stories under the “Happiness’ tag, via the HAPPINESS page, you will see that my Story appears between March 8 and February 28.

In Summary

Put in the effort, and your good reputation and your reads and claps (and Medium Partnership Program payments or MPP payments) will increase over time.

It’s not just about writing a quality piece that you think that lots of readers will enjoy or get use from, then sitting back and resting on your laurels.

It’s about the commitment and time and creativity and energy to consistently publish at least 3 or 5 Stories per week, in Publications if you can, with varied content / themes, and with active promotion of every single one of your Stories; along with feeling happy that one of your Stories may be curated (i.e. not feeling depressed or upset about your Story or Stories not being curated).

Be uniquely you. Have Faith.
Always seek to improve in all areas of your life.

When it’s time to “up the ante” (i.e. to increase your “demands” or increase getting what you want, and / or to increase your perceived risks, in order to get a better result) JUST DO IT.

About the Author

Celine Lai was born in Malaya (not Malaysia) and is the oldest inter-country adopted person in Australia. She loves reading and writing, and runs WordPress blogs and writes technical documents. She blogs mainly on Fascinating Animals.

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