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Simply reaching with your mind. If you’ve practice energy work for a while, this method may well work for you. Some practices call it shifting your consciousness.

You’re moving your center of focus into the middle of the candle and sensing around that center.

Method 2

Visualize energy pooling at your third…

I was a fairly young teenager, around 14 years old. It was winter, and my dad had caught the flu. He was miserable.

This is a man who cut off half his thumb and barely scrunched up his face. He was cutting wood once and missed, hit himself in the…

I was about 12 years old the first time I made a die roll the way I wanted it to.

Before then I’d read a book or two about magick but had no training, no experience, and no one to ask questions.

I’m what the Psions call a born-on. It’s…


Owner of Eclipse Metaphysical | Psion | Wizard

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