How To Get Started With Celsius Network

A step-by-step guide on how to download the Celsius app, create an account, and gain access to unprecedented financial services

Celsius Network

Ready to start earning unprecedented returns on your crypto with Celsius? Want to get access to some of the best loans in the world thanks to the power of cryptocurrency? The good news is that joining Celsius Network and getting started is a relatively easy and user-friendly process. Join us as we go over step by step how to get our app, create an account, and start benefiting from all that Celsius has to offer!

1. Get the Celsius app

The first thing you’ll need to do is get your hands on the sleek and easy-to-use Celsius Network mobile app available for both Android and iOS platforms.

📲 Download the App

2. Create your account

Once you’ve downloaded the app, the next step is to create your Celsius Network account. Once you open the app, tap the “Join Celsius” button. If you have a referral code from a friend, you’ll need to enter this code now as you will not have this option later in the account creation process.

To get started, you’ll need to enter in your real first and last name, your email address, and a strong and secure password. Make sure that all of your personal information is entered correctly before continuing onto the next screen.

Following this, you’ll create a secondary security pin. Choose something that’s easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess.

3. Verify your identity

We’re almost there! Now that you have our app and your own account, the next step is to verify your information through a process called Know-Your-Customer (KYC). This information is required before you can make any deposits, apply for a loan, or gain full access to Celsius’s mobile app services.

For this step, be ready to provide:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Citizenship Status
  • Residential Address

You will also be asked to provide one of the following documents to verify your identity:

  • National ID Card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s Licence

This process typically takes just a few minutes to complete. As soon as your account is verified, you will be able to access Celsius’s suite of financial services.

Please note that due to local laws and regulations, some services are restricted in specific regions.

4. Put your crypto to work

Earning interest with Celsius is as easy as depositing your coins and tokens and waiting for the rewards to roll in every Monday! All of the supported assets are listed on the main account page of the app.

There are multiple ways to access the deposit section of the app. The easiest is to select “Deposit” from the home screen.

From the deposit screen, select the coin you wish to deposit from the drop-down menu. This will present you with an address for you to send your coins or tokens to.

With the Celsius wallet, you can send coins or tokens from either a personal wallet (such as a hardware or software wallet) or an exchange like Coinbase. When transferring coins to your Celsius wallet, you MUST enter the wallet address exactly as it appears in your Celsius app. Entering an incorrect or invalid address will result in the permanent loss of funds.

As soon as we receive your deposit, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know your deposit has arrived safely. For as long as those coins stay with Celsius, you’ll be earning unprecedented interest on your crypto each and every week.


Getting started with Celsius is pretty easy. Just get our app, set up an account, verify your identity, and make a deposit. Once that’s done, you can look forward to earning some of the best interest rates in the world thanks to the incredible power of cryptocurrency and Celsius Network. HODL on!

About Celsius Network

Celsius Network is a democratized interest income and lending platform accessible via a mobile app. Built on the belief that financial services should only do what is in the best interests of the community, Celsius is a modern platform where membership provides access to curated financial services that are not available through traditional financial institutions. Crypto holders can earn interest by transferring their coins to their Celsius Wallet and borrow USD against their crypto collateral at interest rates as low as 4.95% APR.

Download the Celsius Network app and start earning interest on your crypto today ➡️

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Celsius Network

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