Spider Man…. Yey, or you know cool.

Yea Yea, I know i’m a slightly late to the utter nerd out that is spider man joining the MCU, now dont get me wrong the comic fan in me is so excited! I mean his role in Civil War was HUGE, as well as just his charicter in general is proboblay the most well recieved amoungs casual fans. However do we REALLY need ANOTER super hero movie in this already crowded phase 3 line up? I mean no doubt Marvel will do a tremendous job bringing us the best representation of this character & what he represents to the Marvel world. Or at the very least do a better job than Sony.

Now like my Uncle Ray used to tell me the only shit that matters are the words that come after BUT, and with that bieng said, Im glad the MCU has pulled a saving private ryan and grabed good ol’ spidy but do we REALLY need another spider man movie? Now granted the last spider man was just god awful, I do however say that in the perspective that it was more bad story telling than bad acting, but still, train wreck. Aside from that however, my personal feelings toward his previous on screen adaptations were that of mindless entertainment, Fun but not engaging.

Let me break it down real quick. The first two spider man movies with Toby McGuire were entertaing, all be it he never quite masterd separating the almost spot on dipction of a dorky peter parker, and the quick witted confident Spider Man. Insted we got this akward one dimension version of Spider Man, but that dosn’t ruin the movie for me. Now Spider Man 3, well there are no words for that dance scene and Im almost certin James Franco was high as a MF for most of his scenes, Eric Forman played a jerky Erick Forman and just a bunch of other ticky tack shit that piled on to make it a bad move. Which brings us to The Amazing Spider Man played by Andrew Garfield, who was just basicly the polar opisite of Maguire not in a bad way, really its more due to the times. See what makes you a geek/nerd back when thoughs movies were shot, make you hipster cool now and Andrew used that natural coolness to give us the most acurate version of the web slinger, but changes to the origin story and random plot points leave his take on Peter Parker lacking to say the least. And Spider Man 2, well it we all know what that is.

Now with all that bieng said, yes Sony has made mistakes with Spidy, yes he belongs in the same world that Marvel is brilliantly crafting, but the wierd irony here is we got even though Marvel is the better choice i think this is a situation were quntitiy might beat out quality. Now before you rage exit out of reading this hear me out. Say what you want about them but we still got 5 Spider Man movies within the past 2 decades, and as amazing as that is we might be lucky to get 2 or three in in the same amount of time at marvel. Now yea dont get me wrong, just the sheer posibility of seeing our frendliy neborhood spider man get to team up with the avengers for infity war or the possibilty to seeing a Spider Man & Captain America or Spidy & Hulk spin ect. litterly i could go on forever, but the reality is we won’t. We will get some great adventures and some of the iconic team ups, but once again nothing totaly new or uniqe. And the downside becasue yes theres always a downside in these type of deals, is all of marvels other properties that were annouced already will get pushed back starting with Thor: Ragnorock taking the Nov 3, 2017 spot recently held by Black Panther, who now will take Captin Marvels slot releasing Jul 6, 2018 and Captin Marvel will insted release in November of 2018.

Now i know what your thinking, well at least the found slots for everything and there is plenty of oppertunnity to drop him in some movies here and there, either as a full support role or just in the backround for some good lo nostalgia. Thats fine and all, but lets be real at least he got to be the star over at sony, and lets be real all it would have taken was one good movie to turn it around all Xmen. While were on the topic, this move now puts the Sinister 6, Venom, & other possible Spidy spinoffs off the table for the time bieng. Now some will say give me one good spider man story over a univers of crap, and I agree with that sentiment, except any one who has ever red the comics, there rif with plot holes and screw ups tht in comparisons make the movies not that bad, now no im not putting sonys adaptations on the same plane as the comics but the point is if you keep swinging long enough eventually you get one home run.

To try and sum all this up, yes I am happy that the MCU has spidy and am excited to see what they decide to do for his first outing, but I will miss the oppertunity that Sony provided to give us a fully dedicated Spidy experince.

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