Broken/ non functional key on a keyboard?

Out of blue, the up arrow direction key on my laptop keyboard stopped working. Being a daredevil I am , after a quick google search, I dislodged the key from its seat to remove any dirt that might have aggregated beneath it. Even after thorough cleaning and some struggle to fit the key back in exactly in the casing, the key wouldn’t work.

Now, prior to this I hadn’t realized how much important ‘up’ key is in day to day functioning. Particularly when you have to repeat the commands in Command prompt or shell.

I thought it might be possible to remap the keyboard keys because ultimately the physical key press has a logical binding which sends a particular meaning to the OS. In this endeavour, I found a software ‘Sharp Keys’. This is a very small sized software which adds entries to the registry to change the key binding. Install it. Choose the keys you want to change. If you do not want to scroll down the list, simply type the key and it’ll detect it. Further, it lets you reassign keys like — Alt, Shift and Ctrl, which isn’t possible in some other key mappers.

After keys have been reassigned, press ‘write to registry’ and restart laptop. The problem is fixed.

Although, the software doesn’t mention its compatibility with Windows 10, but it works without a hitch with Windows 10 also.

Hopefully, next time you are in a key soup, Sharp keys will end the misery in no time. Saved me some money and discomfort. Thank you ‘Sharp Keys’.

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