Centra Tech — Public Statement

Nov 1, 2017 · 2 min read

Centra Tech, Inc. is a new kind of finance company taking a radical approach to providing financial services through cryptocurrencies. We are doing that by offering the Centra Wallet 2.0 for your digital assets, offering the Centra Prepaid Card to spend your digital assets, and launching the Centra Market to buy things with your digital assets. It is a complete package, unlike any other. Centra Tech strongly believes in these products and services and we are working tirelessly to bring them to you. While there are some negative writers in the world that say it can’t be done, we know it can be! To such disparaging people we reply, step aside and let the future pass you by. Cryptocurrencies and the financial services that surround them are here to stay and Centra Tech is bringing them to you.

To that regard, Centra Tech has made recent additions and changes to expand our Executive Management team. Co-Founders Sam Sharma and Ray Trapani are stepping aside to support the continued growth of the Company. These seasoned entrepreneurs were passionate about creating a world connected to cryptocurrencies and they did just that. Helping to further their vision, the reconstituted Executive Management team includes the following: William Hagner as President, Robert Farkas as Chief Operating Officer, Allan Shutt as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Steven Sykes as Chief Technology Officer, Michael Hadzipanajotis as Chief Financial Officer, and Chase Zimmerman as Chief Marketing Officer.

This passionate team brings decades of management experience in financial services, legal and compliance, finance and accounting, direct marketing, and technology. Join us in the Centra Tech cryptocurrency revolution!

Thank you,

Centra Tech Team

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