Centra Tech White List Update

Centra Tech is proud to announce our Centra White List Program designed for our community & supporters. During the midst of a major price correction in the cryptocurrency market, ETH has dropped to sub-par levels around $300-$320. Understanding that, we have decided to add our White List program to our Token & Card Sale.

Starting September 5th to September 14th we are offering a chance for our loyal and supportive members of the Centra community to join us on our exclusive White List. We believe that this will give a fair process for those whom believe in our vision and want take advantage of a low ETH price.

White List Details

The Centra White List application process will run through September 5 12:00AM EST (New York Time) till September 14th 12:00AM EST. The white list price will be the same as our public sale which is at 200 CTR/1 ETH. The rules of our white list is as following:

  1. You must be a member in the Centra Slack Channel to be eligible to participate in our White List Program. If you are not, you can join with the following link: http://slack.centra.tech
  2. To participate you must fill out our White List Form, which can be found: https://goo.gl/forms/6KQarpT4LuXxBwNa2 This form will ask you your email, ETH contribution, Centra Slack Handle, and basic KYC information as applicants will be eligible for a FREE Centra Card.
  3. The minimum contribution purchase amount for our White List will be 5 ETH. The purchase amoounts are still the same:
  • 5+ ETH = Centra Wallet & Centra Blue® Card
  • 30+ ETH = Centra Wallet & Centra Gold® Card
  • 40+ ETH = Centra Wallet & Centra Gold® Metal Card Edition
  • 100+ ETH = Centra Wallet & Centra Black® Metal Card Edition
  • 500+ ETH = Centra Wallet & Centra Titanium® Metal Card Edition
  1. Note: Once approved for the program we will notify you email. 0x5_______________280E3ed is the contract address. The full address will be provided to you once approved. Make sure the last 7 numbers are: 280E3ed. Our White List address will be provided in our #announcement channel in our official slack, facebook, and website to confirm. ONLY Send there.

White List ETH Processing

Once approved for our White List via email you will receive the OK to submit from the ETH address in your application. If you send ETH from another address or if you are not approved your transaction will not be successful. Please note the following details:

  • You MUST send the exact amount that you are approved for or your transaction will not be successful.
  • The contribution address will be made available in our slack channel’s #announcement channel and on our website at: https://www.centra.tech/whitelist Please make sure you type in the link address yourself to avoid any phishing scams and attacks and validate the ETH address from multiple sources. Do your own due deligence.
  • Tokens will be transferred to all White list participants on September 19th.

Centra Tech has designed the world’s first LIVE 8+ Multi-Blockchain Debit Card connected to a Smart & Insured wallet. We are excited to share this with the world and hope that all of our supporters can be a part of the revolution.

Thank you,

Centra Team